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CIJ inks
The Markem-Imaje CIJ ink range includes but is not limited to: Food-grade inks which comply with EEC requirements.

Thermochromic inks that change color indicating temperature change.

Washable inks for returnable bottles.

MEK-free* options.

  • Water-based and alcohol-based inks for environmentally sensitive applications.

  • Anti-diversion inks.

  • Pigmented inks for high contrast applications.

  • Fade-resistant inks for vulcanization applications.

TIJ inks
The Markem-Imaje thermal transfer ink range includes but is not limited to:

  • Industry-best drying time.

  • Long chemical decap for perfect prints after idle.

  • Clean snap-in and -out cartridges. 

  • Wide range of substrates.

  • High resolution printing.

  • Great optical density.

  • Limited maintenance.

  • Proven, reliable HP® 2.5 Thermal Inkjet Cartridge.

Thermal transfer overprinting machine series, or TTO,

is a digital printing technology that has been developed specifically to be used with flexible materials, making it ideally suited for this process, while other coding methods have multiple uses. Markem-Imaje has pioneered thermal transfer coding technology for over three decades. Our comprehensive SmartDate® Series, the industrial thermal transfer overprinter series, provides the most reliable high-quality codes on flow-wrappers, bags, tray seals, pouches, sachets, vacuum packs or labels.

  • Superior printing speeds

  • Intuitive user interface with profile configurator

  • Tutorials to facilitate daily activities

Compact and versatile, Markem TTO printers can print barcodes, logos, before dates, shift codes and real-time time codes for a wide variety of applications in all industries.

4500 & 4700 or DOD

Designed for easy installation and operation, the 4500 large character valvejet printer offers single-sided, drop-on-demand lower resolution, cost-effective printing for cartons and cases.

DOD inks
The Markem-Imaje DOD ink range includes but is not limited to:

  • Water-based inks for standard cardboard boxes.

  • Propanol-based inks for coated boxes.

  • Ethyl-acetate based inks for non-porous materials.

  • Ethanol based inks for wood.

  • Brown food-grade ink for carcasses.

  • Black water-based pigmented ink for concrete.


The 2200 Series builds on a proven concept, with thousands of units installed in demanding 24/7 environments, providing reliability, efficiency and ease of use to minimize coding errors.

Higher operational effectiveness

  • Safe and easy to use, competent operation can be achieved with less than 5 minutes of training.

  •  Use the simple three key graphical operator panel or add the color touch screen Production Interface to ensure that only the most relevant operational data is presented on the screen.

  • Longer media lengths for extended operation and synchronized media reloading. Replenish label and ribbon rolls in less than 40 seconds.

SmartLase C150 and C350

Designed to deliver permanent, crisp, clear and traceable codes in medium to high speed packaging lines, the SmartLase C150/350 sets the standard for best-in-class laser coding solutions.

Lasers can be useful in many scenarios. They can code on small areas on inked boxes or across multiple lanes of wide web flexible film where other methods cannot reach, and can help you code effectively on glass or metal.


SmartLase Fiber F200 & F500

The SmartLase F500 50-watt fiber laser coder provides permanent codes at high speed on cans, plastics and polymers, flexible film and bare metals in beverage and other high throughput applications. The 20-watt F200 codes similar surfaces on medium speed lines


Key benefits

  • High contrast coding on white and black plastics.

  • Avoids need for 70 or 100W fiber lasers, saving energy costs.

  • Intuitive handheld touch screen user interface for quick job editing and changeovers.

CoLOS industrial software solutions

We understand the product identification and traceability challenges you face throughout the lifecycle of your products. Today’s industrial coding and packaging must comply with changing regulations, keep products safe and be traceable throughout the supply chain.

Our Systech solutions deliver automated coding optimization, product authentication and end-to-end supply chain tracking capabilities to meet these demanding requirements—all while increasing productivity and minimizing human error and costs.

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