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Matsol Trading Product



Book binding
Bottle labeling 

(Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)
Hot pick up gum
Hygiene Product
Baby Diapers

construction, elastic band
Parquet flooring
Straw attachment
Rat/Flies Trap
Veneer splicing 

Assembling air/oil filter, carpeting, batteries
Perfect binding, side seam
Paper/BOPP label

Filter rod

Edge banding, soft forming, profile wrapping
Folding process
Cosmetic packaging, envelope sealing, etc
Glass and can labeling
Sanitary napkin – positioning, construction
Assembling spring pocket
Case/carton closing,  shrink label

Core composer, scarft  jointer
Paper coating


Footwear/leather goods


pipe jointing
Tile mosaic

Solvent Base:

Chloroprene rubber for interior and car seat
HPL/plywood laminating, edge banding
Chloroprene rubber, graft, PC, PU, Primer
Toluene free product ( spray system ), no odor

Office chair


a. Non Wood

b. Wood

Since its establishment in August 1981, Nine Lights Corp. became the first in Korea to develop plastic pallets in 1982. Since opening the curtain of the era of plastic pallets in Korea, Nine Lights Corp. has undergone facility expansion to meet the rising demand and endeavored to open up export markets.


  • For Hand Pallet Truck Use
    NLP1082H 1060x820x150(mm)
    NLP1108H 1100x800x140(mm)
    NLP1174H 1100x740x140(mm)
    NLP1010H 1000x1000x150(mm)
    NLP1010H-1 1000x1000x150(mm)
    NLP1111H 1100x1100x150(mm)
    NLP1111H-1 1100x1100x150(mm)
    NLP1111H-2 1100x1100x150(mm)
    NLP1210H 1200x1000x150(mm)
    NLP1210H-1 1200x1000x150(mm)
    NLP1386H 1300x860x140(mm)
    NLP1040HJ 1040x1040x150(mm)
    NLP1050H 1050x1050x150(mm)

         NLP1182H 1150x820x150(mm)

  • Pallet supporter

  • Export and Light Weight Pallet

         NLP1111HL-1 1100x1100x120(mm)
         NLP1210HL 1200x1000x150(mm)
         NLP1010HL 1000x1000x120(mm)
         NLP1111HL 1100x1100x150(mm)
         NLP1211HL 1200x1100x125(mm)
         NLP1311HL 1300x1100x125(mm)
         NLP1108L 1100x800x130(mm)
         NLP1111L 1100x1100x140(mm)

         NLP1050L 1050x1050x140(mm)

pallet (1).jpg

Export and Light Weight Pallet

          NLP1111HL-1 1100x1100x120(mm)
          NLP1210HL 1200x1000x150(mm)
0HL 1000x1000x120(mm)
          NLP1111HL 1100x1100x150(mm)
          NLP1211HL 1200x1100x125(mm)
          NLP1311HL 1300x1100x125(mm)
          NLP1108L 1100x800x130(mm)
          NLP1111L 1100x1100x140(mm)

          NLP1050L 1050x1050x140(mm)

  • Floor Pallet

          Floor Pallet No.1

          Dimensions: 1,800mm(length) X 600mm(width) X 50mm(height)
          Dimensions: 900mm(length) X  600mm(width) X 50mm(height)

          Color : BLUE

          Material : PE

ITW Dynatec is a global supplier of hot melt machines and solutions for various industries such as Packaging, Disposable Hygiene Products, Adhesive Coating & Laminating and many more. We have a unique company profile with an individual genetic code, history and strength. ITW Dynatec believes Quality, Innovation & Sustainability are the underlying principles of our long term success in the hot melt industry.
CartonSealingBeverage (1).jpg

The components for a typical carton sealing application are:

  1. ASU (Piston Pump)

  2. 2 Hoses

  3. 2 Bead

  4. Applicators Pattern Controller (if the pattern is not controlled by the OEM system)

Leeson Polyurethanes are the leading innovators and manufacturers of Polyurethane Adhesives and Coatings, in the UK.    Founded by the Leeson family in 1986 the company is still a family business but with a global perspective.

1K PU Textiles

1K PU Textiles

PU 4650/20


  • Liquid applied polyurethane adhesive for discontinuous pressing

  • Suitable for bonding domestic scouring pads

  • Very flexible bond line

  • Suitable for bonding cellulose fibre

  • Solids: 100%

PU 4502/B05


  • Textile lamination, non-pilling fabrics, underwear

  • High initial tack

  • Low viscosity to give consistent spray pattern

  • Permanent bonding and wash resistant

  • Solids: 40%

  • PU4755 is higher UV resistant version of PU4502/5OB

PU 40300/40/90


  • Production of domestic scouring pads

  • Good wash resistance

  • Low viscosity to give consistent spray pattern

  • Solids: 40%

  • Solvent System: Methylene Chloride, Ethyl Acetate


Structural Adhesive – 1 Component

Product Specification

Product: Leeson PU Structural Adhesives – 1 Component

Substrate Requirements

System typically used with plastics, wood, metals, insulation foams or

Products Included in this System

Wide range of products depending on the customers’ requirements

Detailed installation instructions are available on request.


Structural Adhesive – 2 Component

Product Specification

Product: Leeson PU Structural Adhesives – 2K

Substrate Requirements

System typically used with plastics, wood, metals, insulation foams or

Products Included in this System

Wide range of products depending on the customers’ requirements

Detailed installation instructions are available on request.


PU Wood Adhesive

Product Specification

Product: Leeson PU Wood Adhesives

Substrate Requirements

Softwood or hardwood.

Products Included in this System

Wide range of products depending on the customers’ requirements

Detailed installation instructions are available on request.


Polyurethane Rigid Foam Systems

Product Specification

Product: PU Rigid Foam Systems.

Important Note

Leeson Polyurethane’s products are guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture and are sold subject to its standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, copies of which can be obtained on request.

Sekisui Fuller was established in 2005 as a joint venture between Sekisui Chemical (Japan) and H.B. Fuller (U.S.A.).  As a dynamic “hybrid” company, we leverage the advanced technology and business capabilities of both parent companies to provide innovative adhesive solutions that enhance the performance of our customers’ products across many markets.

Modified Silicone for Overseas (Asia)

We supply high-end modified silicone sealants/adhesives into Overseas (Asia) with Japanese high quality and durability, clean indoor environment.





Markem-Imaje delivers intelligent identification and traceability solutions, services and expertise to empower our customers with the right information across the supply   chain-keeping products authentic, safe and connected.

Continuous inkjet marking printer series.

For efficient coding on all packaging types.

Markem-Imaje continuous marking inkjet printers, with more than 4 decades of experience, improve the traceability of your products with the code you need. Their vast ink portfolio, including high-performance competitively priced MEK-free inks, makes Markem-Imaje continuous inkjet marking equipment the most flexible and one of the most reliable on the market today. Easy to use, Markem-Imaje continuous inkjet encoders series simplify daily activities and make your printing process seamless.

Thermal Transfer Overprinting.

Consistent high-quality printing on flexible packaging films and foils.

Thermal transfer overprinting machine series, or TTO, is a digital printing technology that has been developed specifically to be used with flexible materials, making it ideally suited for this process, while other coding methods have multiple uses. Markem-Imaje has pioneered thermal transfer coding technology for over three decades. Our comprehensive SmartDate® Series, the industrial thermal transfer overprinter series, provides the most reliable high-quality codes on flow-wrappers, bags, tray seals, pouches, sachets, vacuum packs or labels.

Laser marking for high quality permanent codes.

High-quality, fast, chemical-free, permanent coding or marking .

Print and Apply labeling machines.

Reliable GS1 compliant solutions for all case and pallet labelling requirements.

Markem Imaje print and apply labeling machines can accommodate the widest range of materials and shapes and, with a typical resolution of 300 dpi. The whole series provides the highest and most reliable quality printing of all available technologies, giving “A” grade GS1 compliant barcodes. Safe and easy to use, our range of industrial labelers features distinctive technologies that will help you to achieve a great cost of ownership through maximum production uptime, high performance, and minimum downtime:

  • Optimized operational intervention

  • Unparalleled application rates

  • Wide range of interchangeable applicators

Benefit from decades of expertise from the world’s leading print and apply supplier.